Unlike any other magazine in the island, Torque and Throttle Magazine is the only Magazine in Sri Lanka to have dedicated print and digital editions. Our partnership with the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited makes T&T the largest circulated automotive magazine in the country, going out to readers of the Sunday Observer every month. The magazine is also available throughout each calendar month at point of sales outlets.

Our digital arm publishes Torque and Throttle Digital, which is Sri Lanka’s only bi-lingual digital magazine. In each issue is over 100 pages of quality automotive content, catering to wide range of readers. In today’s fast moving business environment it is imperative to reach your target market effectively and quickly. Advertising your organization with Torque and Throttle Magazine® enables you to target a fast growing segment of the Sri Lankan population with an interest in all things automotive, that is tech-savvy and with increasing purchasing power. At Torque and Throttle® we work hard to ensure that the content of our magazine is high quality, informative and wide reaching- from our professional photography to our high quality artwork and relevant articles- giving our readers a solid value proposition to continue to read our publication.