Porsche Boxster 718 and Porsche Driving Experience Launched in Colombo

The latest generation of the Porsche Boxster, known as the 718, was launched at the Cinnamon Grand Oak Room in Colombo on Tuesday the 13th of September 2016.  

Speaking at the event, Martin Limpert, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific spoke on the rebranding strategy of the midengined two seater roadster: “The designation for the new generation of models is 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S, which were used in the Porsche 718 mid-engine sports cars that won numerous races in the 50’s and 60s such as Targa Florio and Le Mans. The New 718 Boxster comes with a 2 litre engine displacement delivering 300 hp, while the S version is equipped with a 2.5 litre delivering 350 hp.”

The new 718 Boxster features a reengineered chassis and new interior to match the evolutionary exterior styling, but ditches the traditional 6 cylinder engine, and moves towards smaller capacity, turbo charged 2.0 and 2.5 litre 4 cylinder units.

Thanks to the new engine Porsche claims that the 718 achieves a 13% reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions. The smaller capacity engines also mean that the Boxster falls in to a (slightly) more pocket-friendly tax bracket, with the standard 2.0 litre Boxster starting at just over 19 million, and the 2.5 litre Boxster S at just over 29 million.

Porsche Driving Experience

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the launch of the 718, Porsche Sri Lanka also announced the introduction of the “Porsche Driving Experience”: a series of driving events where Porsche enthusiasts will receive the opportunity to experience a total of nine Porsche cars at the Katukurunda Race Track.

The models offered include the 718 Boxster. 911 Turbo, 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet, Panamera GTS, Cayenne GTS, Cayman GTS and the Macan GTS. The Driving experiences will be conducted with the assistance of two international driving instructors and three of Sri Lanka’s top local driving experts.

  • Adapted from Press Release
  • Pictures: Torque&Throttle