Can you believe that Torque and Throttle is one year old? We certainly didn’t notice the time flying by but then again we’re usually pretty busy getting together the content for Sri Latnka’s greatest automotive publication and you know what they say about time flying when you’re having fun! Speaking of having fun, this time we’re doing something a bit different from what we’ve been used to as our main focus for the issue is on Electric cars. That might seem strange for a magazine that is run by a bunch of die hard petrolheads but the fact is that EVs are now a mature technology and will only keep spreading so it makes sense to see if they can offer something of interest to the enthusiast. Basically, if we’re all going to end up driving them as the environmentalists would like us to, then we’d better hope they offer up something beyond just getting from A to B. Based on the cars you’ll see in these pages, we are actually feeling pretty optimistic. Of course we haven’t focused solely on EVs as there’s plenty of old school internal combustion goodness as well. There’s a classic motorsport legend from Bavaria, a one of a kind bike project, an interview with an up and coming international rally star and much more besides. One thing we always aim to do at T & T is keep our content fresh and to that end we’re always on the lookout to attract the best writing talent in the Lankan motoring scene so we are thrilled to welcome Gishanka De Silva to the fold. Gish has been in the motoring writing gig since the 90s and in that time has driven an eye watering range of cars as well as having owned quite a few. So it’s not surprising that he starts off with a bang on T & T, having been to Singapore to drive not one but two special edition Porsches and the BMW i3 as well.

Naturally, none of what we do would have a point without you, our loyal readers so I’d like to say a massive thank you for your support and wish you an awesome 2016. Stay tuned for more amazing stuff from T & T this year, please spread the word far and wide and as always, #celebratecarculture!

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