Welcome to issue 4 of T & T. As always we've got some exciting stuff lined up for your reading pleasure this time around. new metal gets a lot of attention: two very different products from Germany's legendary performance brand, Porsche, one that is unfortunately only visiting but represents the cutting edge of racing tech at the moment while the other is here to stay is the core of their road going products.  We also have the latest introduction from Fuji Heavy facing off with its older brother in a little case of sibling rivalry that should keep you entertained.

Of course we haven't forgotten classics or projects as we spotlight a father/son pairing who decided to build their own version of a classic rallying legend because they couldn't find one here in Lanka, and the results are pretty amazing!

The driving road featured this time is interesting because it's the first one that is a long way out of Colombo and requires quite a bit of travel to reach, however when you get there you'll agree that it is well worth the effort for those who love corner carving.

Obviously we also have our usual deep dive tech feature (suspension this time), buying guide and DIY section to help you get hands on with your ride and much more, so I strongly suggest you quit reading this part and jump right into the good stuff inside!

Speaking of regulars, T & T has a new face who will be handling our buying guide section from now on; please welcome Jan Sellayah who knows quite a bit about how to get the best bang for your buck!

By the way, we love to hear from our readers so please do hit us up via Facebook or email and tell us what you think because after all, our main goal is bringing you stuff you enjoy reading. Enjoy the issue and as always, #celebratecarculture!    

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