So here we are with issue 3 which means that half a year has passed since we launched, honestly we have no idea where all that time went! Well actually we do because we’ve spent it focusing on bringing you the absolute best of the Sri Lankan car scene with every single issue. This time we’ll be focusing on a brand that is very close to the hearts of Sri Lankan petrolheads and has been responsible for igniting the love of cars in many of us. That brand of course is none other than Honda, which has always been the most adventurous of the big 3 Japanese automakers and has a long and rich history of turning out cars that are by far the most interesting in their class. Even Honda’s ordinary family four door saloons have pretty much always had that little extra edge, being just a bit more interesting looking, more fun to drive and better engineered than their main competitors, making them the obvious choice for anyone who sees cars as more than just devices for getting from Athurugiriya to Bambalapitiya. Most importantly though, Honda knows very well how to do hardcore, every single car that left their factory wearing the red Type R logo has been absolute flat out brilliant at the business of going fast and delivering an experience like nothing else on the road. In this issue we celebrate the maddest Hondas, getting together basically every variant of Type R Honda that is present on our Shores in the largest feature we’ve done yet. We’re pretty proud of the results and we hope you like them too. Of course there’s also the regulars like Interviews, Epic driving roads, DIY advice, deep dive tech features and more for your reading pleasure. Also, for those of you who need your fix of the Classics, a lovely Triumph TR2 that the owner considers an ongoing project and also a massive picture spread on the recently held British Car Day which was one of the largest Classic car events we’d ever seen in Sri Lanka. Looks like this #celebratecarculture business is catching on!

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